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Robbie Cockburn

Comedian. Juggler. Magician.




Who is Robbie?

Robbie Cockburn is a world-class and highly regarded comedian, juggler and street performer based in Edinburgh. He frequently travels the world to perform at events and has done for the last twelve years, working for global brands such as the BBC, Diageo Spirits, Sky Television, the Bank of New York Melon, the US Government, the Edinburgh Fringe and the Adelaide Fringe Australia.  Robbie holds membership to Equity, the performers union, and has £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance to cover all events.

Robbie started his career as a street performer and he was very fortunate

to be taught and mentored by world renowned magician and street performer, Gazzo. After Gazzo's mentorship, Robbie mastered the art in how to draw, control and hold a street crowd. This training ground has formed the corner stone for his performance style and has helped him become the bulletproof performer he is today. Edinburgh magician Tim Edie was also instrumental in Robbie's touring success, with the duo touring festivals and events worldwide.

A charismatic and witty entertainer, Robbie can perform comedy juggling and magic shows and he is an exceptional street performer too.  He has over twelve years experience as a professional performer, on street, stage and TV. He honed his craft as a street comedian in Edinburgh, has toured his show globally and performed for some of the biggest brands all over the world. Featured on BBC Alba's 'Buskers' and was cast as the main star of a ten episode BBC series, 'Sky High Club', following him juggling his airline captain career alongside his performing career. 

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What can he do for you?

Close-Up Magic
Corporate Entertainment
Street Performance
television and
live shows
Robbie has graced stages all over the world. He's performed in the UK, all over Europe, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Enquire now to see what he can do for you.

Get In Touch

Note: Robbie is a commercial airline captain and manager.  Apologies in advance if an enquiry response takes longer than a couple of days.

Success! Message received. Robbie will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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