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Street Performance



THE JEROME STREET SHOW               street promo 2017

Looking for a street performer in Edinburgh? Robbie is one of the UK's best exports in the world of street performance. He can perform two different shows suitable for the street or festival environment, a magic show or a unicycle juggling show. His performances come fully loaded with circus skills and head turning tricks but it is his showmanship, comedy and ability to work the crowd like he does that has made him a worldwide favourite. Think of a stand up comedian with circus stunts or magic weaved in.


He has been street performing since the age of twelve and was professionally taught by a world renowned street performer, Gazzo. His show has taken him across the globe and he has performed for major festivals and corporate brands in the UK, Europe, the Middle-East and Australia.

His unicycle juggling show starts with a warm up flashy, stunning and sharp knife juggling routine. He demonstrates various tricks, stunts and high throws with the knives. His quick wit and humorous sense make the show very enjoyable to watch for all ages. The middle segment of the show is by impossibly squeezing, dislocating and contorting his whole body through a tennis racquet. The finale of the show consists of juggling three flaming torches on an eight foot tall unicycle. This show usually lasts between 45-50 minutes and is great for festivals, street events, galas, fairs and fete's. The unicycle juggling finale can be done blindfolded and Robbie can incorporate a chainsaw juggling routine (yes, for real!) during the show if required.


This was the street show that featured on the BBC documentary 'Buskers' and BBC docuseries 'Sky High Club'. 



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